About Casa De Memphis

Casa de Memphis is located at the Northern most point of Playa Pelada where the Nosara River meets the Pacific. The first Casa de Memphis, referred to as number 1, has a fence that separates the house from the Ostional Wildlife Refuge. In CR there is to be no buildings within 200 meters of the high tide line. That 200 meters of jungle that separates CdM I from the Pacific is part of the Ostional Wildlife system and there is a trail from the front gate through it to the Pacific. One minute walk and you are standing on an almost private beach with few if any other people and no buildings hovering above. The way Costa Rica used to be, today!

Like many people the owners were down in CR looking around for a possible place to relocate later in life. They did a Google search on every costal village and town on CR's Pacific Coast. When they saw concrete they moved on. The list of possible places to visit was a small one but the choice very easy. Ten years later they own two houses and just about everyone agrees that the two are the most rented of the 200 or more houses available.

Like most communities in latin America, there are no addresses, instead the houses have names. With CdM I being a new house it did not come with a name. In the absence of anything else, when it was bought by a couple from Memphis, Tennessee, it became the Memphis House, AKA, Casa de Memphis. Three years later the same couple bought the second house just around the corner and as such was named Casa de memphis II.

The area where the two houses are located is a small collection of eight houses. Four of them available for rent year round and the other four have full time expats residing in them. This small enclave only has one way in and one way out and as such very little dust from traffic. Dust in the dry season is a huge concern. Most of this enclave is doused with molasses to keep the dust down. Smells like pancakes but it works.

While the two house are located at the very northern end of the community, they are still very convenient to everything and are in fact closer to the bank, the big grocery store, gas station, canopy store, three of the best restaurants in town and the town of Nosara itself, 5 miles inland. All this while covered up in wildlife next to a deserted beach next to a river.