Here is a selection of some of the most popular questions concerning travel, your stay and advice on getting to and from Nosara.

Which airport is the best one to fly into for visiting Nosara?

Costa Rica has two international airports, San Jose (SJO) and Liberia International (LIR). By far Liberia is the best one to use for visiting Nosara as it is only a two hour drive from the airport to Nosara. From San Jose the drive to Nosara is 4 to 5 hours. Please remember that it is not advisable to drive at night in CR and especially the the last hour from Nicoya into the costal area and Nosara. The manager of Casa de Memphis does not do check ins after 19:00. If you are arriving in San Jose or after 16:00 in Liberia it is advisable to stay the night in a hotel.

Will I need to rent a vehicle?

Most people rent a vehicle when visiting Nosara. While you can walk along the beach to many of you places you will want to visit during your stay there are several places like the grocery, canopy tour, going to Ostional for the turtles and more where you will need some form of transportation. This website has an article on how to rent a vehicle without getting ripped off. MORE ON THIS

Is Costa Rica And/ or Nosara safe?

Costa Rica is much safer than the US. In fact the Costa Ricians are so passive that they got rid of their military in 1955. Violent crime is just about non existant, especially outside the capital, San Jose. That said, petty theft is another story. Yes there are break ins in Nosara as well as everywhere else in CR. However, most of the people who have been robbed brought it on by leaving "Gringo Grade Electronics" out in the open when they went to dinner or in there car. Casa de Memphis has a 500 pound, professional, floor mounted safe and for this and other reasons the thieves, often young kids, do not mess with Casa de Memphis. Your common sense is greatly appreciated.

What level of medical care exist I Nosara.

There are doctors in Nosara and they are good about being available 24/7. The house manager is real good about taking care of securing any and all medical needs you may have. The one and only pharmacy has many meds at a fraction of what you would pay up north.

What is the swimming like and is there an undertow?

Playa Guiones has a pronounced undertow. Playa Pelada, where Casa de Memphis is located, just north of Guiones, has a reef off shore that breaks the swell and is known as a swimmers beach.

Do I need a passport and visa to vist CR

Passport yes. Visa No.

Costa Rica Electrical System

Real simple. It is a US system. If it plugs in the wall in the US or Canada, it will work through out CR. Others may need an adaptor.

Is there Internet?

Nosara, as well as the rest of CR has high speed internet. It is not near as fast as you may expect but fast enough to stream. If you use a security protocol such as VPN you will need to disable it as it will slow the speed down to almost nothing.

Is it safe to drink the water and how plentiful?

Yes the water is safe to drink. However please conserve water during the dry season.