Here you will find general information about travelling smart in Nosara, Costa Rica.

  • The Costa Rica Rental Car Survival Guide

    David Caywood, Pilot for FedEx and the owner of Casa de Memphis I & II, has been renting on average five to six times a year for the last ten years. Here is an in depth look at what is the best way to get a decent deal out of a pool of sharks! Enjoy the savings you deserve!

  • The Restaurants Of Nosara

    Nosara so many restaurants that we can only mention those who have been in business for a year or more.

  • Local Information

    Nosara is loaded with things to do. Most people spend the first few days getting lost and then found again simply by listening for the ocean as all things are oriented from the the Pacific Ocean. After that everything from zip lining to hoarse back riding to surf lessons and so on.......

  • About Nosara, Costa Rica

    Nosara is much the way Costa Rica used to be before the paved roads brought the bus loads of tourist to the mega hotels that exist just above any given high tide line everywhere else along the Pacific Coast, but Nosara. Learn how the people of Nosara preserved their "Carmel by the sea".

  • About Casa De Memphis

    Casa de Memphis I & II reside at the very northern most section where the Nosara River meets the Pacific. Located 100 meters from the Pacific Ocean , there is a path through the Ostional Wildlife refuge to the very private beach.

  • ​Driving Directions to Nosara, Costa Rica (DO NOT USE/TRUST ANY GPS DATA BASE PRODUCTS)

    These direction will get you from either of the two major airports, Liberia Int. or San Jose Int. in Costa Rica to Nosara. Do not trust any non CR based GPS services as they are notorious for being way off. Most CR based GPS data sourced products have the correct route, and the location of Casa de Memphis as well. NO MATER WHAT ANYBODY SAYS, YOU MUST GO THROUGH NICOYA TO GET TO NOSARA. There are not short cuts, only distater.

  • Costa Rica Travel Information

    Browse this for all the latest info on how to make your journey to Nosara as hassle free as possible. Which airport to use, how not to get ripped off renting a car, even what to do when the cops pull you over. It's as informative as it is comical. Enjoy!